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Tuesdays top tip: au naturel oven cleaning ;-)

Mr G and I discovered a very natural way to clean stubborn oven grease and pong from a dirty oven last night.

Fill a metal saucepan with boiling water and the juice of 1 whole lemon. Drop squeezed lemon remains into pan as well along with juice and pop the pan into the bottom of the oven. Put oven onto 200 degrees and leave for 15 mins. Afterwards remove pan and use cloth or scourer to wipe away loose grease inside oven. Careful of pan it will be absolutely scorching!!!

I also left the shelves to soak in a sink of vinegar and water over night and the grease wiped off easily this morning. 

It’s not 100%, so a little old residue is left here and there, but in general the oven smells fresh and looks tip top. Saved us £70 on professional oven cleaning and much better for environment and the pregnant mama to be!

Happy days x

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